Should You Venture Into The Ozarks?

The Ozarks has abundant groundwater; it is our water below. As a ballpark number, about 75% of the water ultimately reaching the major rivers of the Ozarks has passed, for at least some distance, through the groundwater system. This helps explain the typically dry surface stream channels which are characteristic of much of the Ozarks.

If you’re still searching for the perfect place, the Wilson’s Resort is a prominent choice that you might want to consider. 12 miles from central Climax Springs, it is not too hard to get to. Attractions and Hotels Near Climax Springs If you’ve got some extra time to spare, be sure to venture into the broader Missouri region.

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The earliest humans to venture into the Ozark uplift, the Paleo-Indians, arrived about 12,000 years ago, at which time the boreal forest had largely given way to a deciduous one, and the megafauna of the old chilly Ozarks had mostly fled the region.

The lakes around Springfield, Missouri, defy a simple sketch. Born of dams imposed upon river valleys in the early- to mid-1900s, the area’s two dozen lakes don’t cover the landscape in a single deep pool so much as lace their way through it, curling around Ozark Mountains and branching into shapes like festive Chinese dragons.

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