Standards on CRE Loans Tighten as Demand Weakens

Demand is expected to weaken for all business loans, with moderate net shares of banks expecting weaker demand for C&I loans to firms of all sizes, significant net shares expecting weaker demand for CRE loans secured by multifamily properties or nonfarm nonresidential properties, and a major net share expecting weaker demand for construction and land development loans.

Banks reported net weaker demand in both CRE loan types. On residential loans, banks reported easing standards on most residential mortgage loan types. Nearly one in 10 banks said they were more willing to make consumer installment loans. Fewer banks tightened standards on credit cards and auto loans than in the previous quarter. Just 1.9 percent said they tightened on credit cards, and 4.9 percent said they tightened on auto loans. Read more.

In 2018, Banks Expect to Ease Standards for C&I Loans, Tighten for CRE. Feb. 6, 2018 Many banks anticipate that they will ease credit standards and terms for large and middle-market firms in 2018, but they expect to cool things down in the robust commercial real estate market, according to the Federal Reserve’s latest senior loan officer opinion survey released yesterday.

Banks tighten commercial real estate loan standards as demand weakens Credit card standards tightened C&I loan demand weakened in Q1 Banks expect quality of Asia and Europe loans to deteriorate You.

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Standards on CRE Loans Tighten as Demand Weakens By Michael Neal on February 7, 2017 The most recent iteration of the Federal Reserve Board’s Senior Loan Officer Opinion Survey (SLOS), which covers the fourth quarter of 2016, reports tightening of standards on multifamily residential and construction/land development loans. At the same time, demand, on net, also weakened.

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Banks reported weaker demand across a range of CRE loan types. Net percentages of banks reported easing standards on most residential mortgage loan types as demand weakened. Meanwhile, a net 9 percent said they tightened standards on credit cards, and 9.8 percent said they tightened standards on auto loans, principally through wider spreads and fewer exceptions.

banks expect to tighten standards for all three CRE loan categories. Meanwhile, demand is expected to weaken for all business loans: Moderate net shares of banks reported expecting weaker demand for C&I loans to firms of all sizes, significant net shares of banks expect weaker demand for loans secured by multifamily properties or nonfarm.

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